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Four Day Exploration

of the Champagne Region

Thursday 9th to Monday 13th June 2022

The weekend started on the Thursday evening with an initial dinner at Le Grand Café in central Reims. Champagne and fine Burgundy went alongside an excellent fixed menu from proprietors, Caroline and Raymond Dufour.

A few Novice Sabrages were also undertaken.

Click on an image below to play a short video:


On the Friday evening, a Champagne Reception at the premises of Philippe Brugnon (Deputy Grand Maître) included a tour of his production areas and cellars. The Chapitre followed where a number of rank elevations took place including two Grand Commanders.


Afterwards, a 4 course dinner was presented with further Champagne and fine burgundy. Live DJ entertainment was also provided.

Here are a few photos from the evening:

Two Methusalems were Sabraged.

Click on an image below to play a short video. 


On Saturday, lunch and a Tasting of Lasseaux Champagne was taken in a private room of the Boulingrin Cafe, Rue de Mars, reims

Here are a few photos from the event:


Early Saturday evening was spent back at Le Grand Café. Light snacks were served, with a tasting of  Krug and Dom Perignon Champagnes.

Here are a few photos:


The Visit to Champagne concluded on the Sunday night with a grand Dinner at Demeure des Comptes, a 13th century property owned by Taittinger who hosted us for the evening. All Champagne and red wine during the dinner was by Taittinger.

Here are a few photos:

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