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Grand International Chapitre at the Casino de Deauville, Normandy on:

Saturday 18th November 2017

All Members of the Confrerie were invited to the International Grand Chapitre and Soirée de Gala, but made their own travel arrangements - this was not a Club Tour.

The Annual Réunion des Ambassadeurs in the morning before the Grand Chapitre and Soirée de Gala is an opportunity to air some views and renew the international confraternity. The 2017 meeting was held in  the famous Hotel  Barrière Le Normandy. The ambassadors and other delegates then joined their partners and friends for a wonderful lunch.

In the evening the Grand Chapitre was held in the theatre of the Casino, at which a large number of Chevaliers, followed by new Officiers, Commandeurs and Grands Commandeurs sabraged and were intronised in their ranks. This was followed by a 6 course dinner, punctuated by a cabaret, attended by around 400 from many countries.

The next Annual Grand Chapitre and Gala will be in Epernay, Champagne on 17th November and will be an organised Club Tour - Click Here for more information.

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