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Grand Chapitre Champenois

at Rilly La Montagne


14th July 2019


Every year, Philippe Brugnon, le Grand Chancelier de la Confrérie du Sabre d'Or, holds his Chapitre on 14th July - Bastille Day, a public holiday in France, in his Domaine in Rilly la Montagne. The Grand Maître is normally in attendance.


This event is always attended by contingents from other European countries, particularly Belgian, Swedish, German, Dutch and British. After a brief Champagne reception, the Grand Maître and his entourage start the chapitre with sabrage and intronisation of Chevaliers, Officiers, Commandeurs and more often than not - a Grand Commandeur. It is mixture of candidates from around the world. Unlike the Grand Chapitre International (held in November annually) this event is less formal and is followed by a gala dinner in Brugnon's own rooms for up to 90 people with magnums of his vintage and rosé Champagne plus excellent red wines. Philippe engages a local singer and band so that dinner is accompanied by dancing, simultaneously in French fashion.


The British and Irish contingents are very welcome and have been there in force for the past 10 years with the UK Ambassador present. On three of these occasions, a coach party has been arranged encompassing a 5 day tour around the Chapitre from London. More usually, members are to make their own way to Reims and arrange their own accommodation.


UK and Irish members requiring intronisation to commissioned ranks are also welcome and need to book in with the UK/Irish embassy at least one week before the Chapitre, so no later than 7th July. The diploma and reliquaire are then ready for the candidates who are also admitted to the Order of the Golden Sabre and provided with the appropriate insignia.

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