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International Confrérie

The Worldwide Confrérie Organisation

At the UK Spring Gala Ball 2017:

Left to right: Henry Widler (Gouvernor Asie-Pacifique), Jean-Claude Jalloux (Le Grand-Maitre), Julian White (Ambassador Emeritus), Caroline Dufour (Caveau Le Grand Cafe, Reims), Philippe Brugnon (Grand Chancelier), Waltraud Kaiser (Echevin), Raymond Dufour (Le Grand Cafe, Reims)

Programme d'activités 2023 Juin_Page_1.jpg

Programme d'Activities - 2023-24

Shown left is a listing of Major International Events organised by a number of overseas Chapters of the Confrerie. All UK members are invited to any of these international activities, but booking must be done direct via the Ambassadeur of the Chapter concerned; a listing is given below:

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