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The Échevins of the UK Chapter

Échevin is Alderman in English, but there are other synonyms that are appropriate to the title and describe an échevin's role - a functionary or official. In the Confrérie, the Embassy Council is kept to around 6-9 members but the support of échevins is essential to help with events as well as providing professional advice. Échevins are experienced in a number of fields and their input is essential. Some échevins are retired members of Council, or are senior Connétables with many years service in the Confrérie du Sabre d'Or.

  • Lady Purvis

  • Nick Thomson

  • Nathan Evans

  • John Amand

  • David Court

  • Neil Sherry

  • Peter Richards

  • Simon Tayler-Smith

  • Sheila Douglas

  • Andrew Woodward

  • Ajay Nehra

  • Jonathan Curran

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