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Consuls et Connétables

au Royaume Uni

Two regions in the UK have Consul-Générals: Ecosse (Scotland) and Pays de Galles (Wales).

Other regions have Connétables (or, in English, 'Constable'). In former times in France, a Connétable was more likely the equivalent of a Lord Lieutenant.

We hope to attract a caveaux in Northern Ireland, at which point a Consul-Général would be appointed to coordinate the sabrage activities there. The UK Ambassador, Gerard O'Shea, also takes responsibility for Caveaux relations in the Republic of Ireland.

Connétables are appointed in particular regions (based on County boundaries) for the Confrérie and on behalf of the UK Ambassador. They help maintain contact with Caveaux de Sabrage and encourage membership and help with events. Some Connétables are also attached to an establishment as Maîtres de Caveau.


In Scotland, (as well as a Consul-Général) there is also a Connétable for the Highlands and Islands who supports Caveaux such as The Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Fonab Castle Hotel.

Here is a listing of the Consuls and Connétables for the UK Confrérie:

Consul-Général en Ecosse - Sheila Douglas

Consul-Général en Irlande - JP Kavanagh

Connétable - Berkshire & Buckinghamshire - Mike Shepherd

Connétable - Essex - Graham Bond

Connétable - Highlands & Islands - Stephen Cribb

Connétable - Kent - Nikki Curran

Connétable - Lancashire - Craig Bancroft

Connétable - London - Simon Tayler-Smith

Connétable - Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire - Andrew Woodward

Connétable - Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire - Susan Jenkins

Connétable - Shropshire - Luis Hui

Connétable - Suffolk - Frank Moxon

Connétable - Surrey - Ajay Nehra

Connétable - Worcester & Hereford - Tim MacAndrews TD

Connétable - Yorkshire & Cumbria - Otto Hinderer

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