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Champagne and Burgundy Tour

Monday to Friday - 12th to 16th June 2023

Event Now Full

The now legendary Champagne and Burgundy Tour returns in 2023 with a 4-night weekday trip to Reims and Beaune. All transport is provided in a VIP luxury coach, with tables for everyone, along with all on-board facilities.

Starting from Bayswater, Monday 8am, we will have a multi-house, NV Champagne Tasting en-route to the Tunnel, wherein lunch with fine Burgundy will be served. Travelling down from Calais to Reims includes a Tasting of Vintage Champagnes. Day one completes with a dinner at Philippe Brugnon's  winery in Rilly.

Next day, the pace doesn't let up, as the coach travels via a Champagne House for lunch and onto Beaune for Burgundy tastings and a local dinner.

More Producer vists follow, with tastings, lunches, dinners and finally the fully-catered coach journey back through France, with a bistro lunch in Reims.
Back in Bayswater at 8pm, Friday. Phew!

Detailed planning is still underway and full details and costings will be presented here in due course. Members will be emailed.

Here are a few photos from the 2017 Tour:

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